Discover the innovations presented by Keraben Grupo at Cersaie 2019, under the inspirational slogan "Once upon a time". Different collections for its Keraben, Metropol and Casainfinita brands, which make up a varied range of solutions for flooring and cladding capable of satisfying different tastes. Woods, marbles, cements, glosses and colours that, brimming with the magic of the stories, captivated a great number of visitors.



Urban character

In neutral and discreet tones, Underground represents a cement with embedded stones that transports us directly to a New York street. An urban proposal of remarkable personality, whose effect of continuity makes it ideal for metropolitan and industrial environments.


Diverse luxury

Inspired by Travertine marble, which reflects all the splendour of the Roman era, the Luxury collection achieves different decorative effects with its magnificent veins, its diverse forms and its unusual tones. In addition, the Soft finish enhances its stony appearance.


Nostalgic beauty

Thanks to the natural beauty of their designs, they are capable of bringing any living space to life. Lenda unites wood’s warmth with all the benefits of ceramic tiles. Its large-format tiles infuse settings with luminosity and added spaciousness while also bringing continuity of design to surfaces.


An all-round sensory experience

Whiter than white. A new generation of experiential ceramics that has obtained a spectacular improvement in the degree of whiteness in wall tiles. Moreover, it includes an antimicrobial finish and an extra silky texture that facilitates cleaning.



Modern natural-looking surfaces

Aliza is a collection with all the visual potential of limestone, bringing a modern natural charm to surfaces.


Art Deco in its purest form

Inspired by Art Deco, the Capitol collection brings together plant motifs in the form of leaves in its Art set, and geometry and symmetry, so characteristic of the period, in its Concept set. As with Art Deco, ancient and exotic cultures inspire a sophisticated, vivid and brilliant colour palette.



A journey to paradise

With a variety of colours, lots of soft shades and reliefs in the form of leaves and bubbles, Paradis transports us to the natural environments of paradise, making our home an idyllic place, full of peace.


Cement with a personality

Inspired by the Dramatic Interior trend, which incorporates the influence of neoclassicism, albeit from an updated perspective, Neo is an elegant and concise collection; cement with character and significant tonal differences.