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Lifeker Plus+, the new ceramic floor tiles that protect against bacterial growth

11 February 2021

Lifeker Plus+ is the new ceramic finish from Keraben Grupo that prevents the growth of harmful bacteria on wall and floor coverings.

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How to level ceramic tiles

If you are going to renovate the floor or walls of any space and youwant to avoid the dreaded 'lippage' and protrusions of the tiles, properinstallation should be carried out.

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Keraben Grupo and Nueva Iberocerámica extend their merger to all countries where they operate

Last May, Keraben Grupo and Nueva Iberocerámica, which belong to the British group Victoria PLC, merged the Casainfinita and Ibero Pocelánico brands for the Spanish and Portuguese markets. As of this September, this merger has been extended to all countries, becoming a single brand and commercial network: IberoCasainfinita. From a logistics standpoint, this new brand’s consignments have been merged at the current Nueva Iberocerámica facilities in Alcora (Castellón).

This merger aims to take advantage of the links between both companies to offer the customers a wider and deeper product catalogue, which will translate into greater sales opportunities and a more complete service to the end customer.

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Ceramics, guaranteed hygiene in floor and wall tiles   

Ceramic is one of the most widely used materials in floor and wall tiles, and not only today; it has also been used for centuries by various major civilizations. In addition to its enormous strength and durability, ceramic is one of the safest materials to use to guarantee hygiene within an environment.  

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 Tips for installing ceramic tiles and flooring

There are many factors involved when it comes to installing ceramic material. From the levelling and the type of cement, to the traffic that the pavement will support and the arrangement of the pieces. Everything counts in achieving a flawless result. There’s no point selecting the most spectacular finish or the highest quality tiles for our space if the installation work isn’t correct. 

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