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6 basic tips for a minimalist look   

10 October 2017

In the broadest sense of the term, minimalism is the trend of cutting down to the bare essentials, getting rid of all superfluous elements – in other words, and as the term suggests, of using only the very minimum.

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Keraben Grupo is certified with the ISO 50.001 

The ISO 50.001 energy efficiency certificate guarantees that the strictest criteria are applied in the running of Keraben Grupo’s facilities in matters concerning energy efficiency, the reduction and optimization of energy consumption and environmental care.

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Every-Day Cleaning of Wall and Floor Tiles

There are two main reasons why ceramic wall and floor tiles are so popular: their resistance and low maintenance. With just basic care, ten years on, a tiled floor can look just as good as the very first day. All that is necessary is to follow a few cleaning tips for its everyday care.

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