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Trends for autumn, industrial style 

10 October 2018

Inspiration for the industrial style – also referred to as the urban or loft look – comes from 1950s New York, yet almost a hundred years on, it remains firmly at the forefront of interior design trends around the world. 

Its origins lie in former warehouses and factories that were converted into housing for artists and immigrants unable to afford an apartment downtown.   

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Cersaie 2018: Keraben Grupo and its concept of ‘Slow Life’ 

For yet another year, Bologna (Italy) will be hosting Cersaie 2018, the top international ceramic design show.

For four days, more than 100,000 people will visit exhibition space of over 156,000 m2 where Keraben Grupo will be showcasing its latest products at an innovative 600m2 stand.

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Flooring for open-plan kitchens. What fits in best with open-space concepts?  

New life styles and trends have played a key role in new concepts in home design. Open-plan homes incorporate different living spaces in one big area, giving priority to transparency. This unpretentious type of architecture seeks one clear goal: to provide a comfortable easily accessible domestic setting. Even so, we should not forget that each area will have its own distinctive features: a terrace is not the same as a bathroom or kitchen. The flooring we choose in each case will play a decisive role in ensuring a functional truly dynamic home, maintaining a certain unity while also separating each area of the home without using walls.

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A guide to the perfect bedroom 

When we sleep, our body gradually recovers as it passes through the different phases of the sleep cycle. Having the right background setting is fundamental in making this part of our life as simple and pleasurable as possible. To help you achieve this, we have drawn up the following guide to the perfect bedroom. Close your eyes and let’s begin.

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Trends in wall and floor tiles for the 2018 autumn season 

If you’re planning to make changes to your home ready for the coming autumn but don’t know what the latest trends are or which one to opt for, we offer you a short outline of the 5 latest trends in wall and floor tiles for the home and the advantages of each one.

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Porcelain floor tiles for living rooms

By choosing just the right porcelain floor tiles for your lounge, you can transform it into one of the main hubs of the home. We present three trends that will help you choose the right model for you.

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New BIM collections by Keraben

Not long ago we introduced you to BIM - the new work tool for designers and architects – explaining how this methodology provides a whole new perspective when tackling a project, as it allows you to visualise all the various phases in several dimensions.

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