Homes for each sign of the zodiac

Decorate your home in keeping with your star sign

4 December 2018

No one is immune to a certain curiosity when it comes to their star sign. Astrology is an age-old discipline whose roots go back to ancient Babylon and also to Egypt and Greece. Horoscope is also derived from the Greek horóskopos meaning “the observer of the time of birth”.  According to astrology, the planets’ positions influence our personality and fate. 

The twelve signs of the zodiac are all associated with certain animals or symbols whose characteristics are attributed to the people born under that star sign. If we accept that we are born with certain pre-established characteristics, then there must be a kind of home that fits in with each of our personalities. Keraben Grupo offers a wide range of different products, with something able to fit in with each of the star signs. Let us look at a few examples. 

Aries, the ground-breaker (March 21st-April 19th)

The fieriest of all the signs, people who are Arians have an expansive, very impulsive nature and they seek to be the centre of attention. Consequently, their homes must be brimming with personality, with bright colours and decorative features able to draw all eyes. Anyone who is an Aries is in luck this season, because Pantone colours are brilliant for creating more dynamic living spaces. One good choice is Jester Red, perfect for highlighting smaller furnishings or items of décor against a more neutral-coloured backdrop. For instance, an industrial-looking setting with oxidized effects can be achieved with the ARC collection by Metropol, livened up with a splash of red here and there (using Jester Red- Pantone 19-1862 TPX).

Taurus, a carefully balanced soul (April 20th-May 20th)

Anyone who is Taurus is genuinely stubborn but also persevering and good at making decisions. The best kind of living space for this family-loving homely person is a harmonious, well-balanced one. And what better for creating that restful atmosphere synonymous with nature than the Cadord collection by Keraben, with a design evocative of wood and stone.


Volatile Gemini (May 21st-June 20th)

Geminis need to be mentally stimulated. These free-thinkers are always receptive to change–in their ideas, surroundings and even in their living spaces. It is not unusual for them suddenly to decide to give their home a complete new facelift. In such cases, it is vital to have a good base on which to improvise, such as the Maranta collection by Keraben, with an eclectic urban style designed to make a stimulating impact. Pale colours can be contrasted with darker furnishings for extra-dynamic end results.  

Maranta by Keraben.

Cancer, a sensitive soul (June 21st-July 22nd)

Some star signs are associated with particularly sensitive souls and Cancer is one of them. Consequently, anyone who is Cancer is highly intuitive when it comes to strong emotions. With a design evocative of Piacentina stone, the Camelot collection by Casainfinita is stimulating at the very least. Its mottled pattern and cool colours have a decadent magnetism that not everyone, except for a Cancer, is immediately able to appreciate. This is also a non-slip floor tile collection, with a safe grip perfect for wet areas of the home.  

Fiery Leo (July 23rd-August 22nd)

The Loire collection by Metropol conveys all the strength and power of oak wood, two of Leo’s intrinsic characteristics. Leo is the lion, the king of the jungle and the fiercest sign of all. Anyone with this star sign–and these are people with a great capacity for leadership– must have a den that is both modern and imposing. Loire also has Asian influences, and so it combines elegance with the solid roots of an age-old culture.

Loire by Metropol

Meticulous Virgo (August 23rd-September 22nd)

A star sign synonymous with perfectionism and attention to detail, if Virgos stand out for something, it is for their good taste. This also extends to their homes. As they tend to be calm reserved souls, logically their homes are an oasis of peace. Neatness and tidiness are fundamental in their lives. As a result, if Virgos had to choose a collection by Keraben Grupo, they would opt for Hanko by Keraben, whose neutral colours exude a harmony and balance in keeping with their personality.  

Hanko by Keraben.

Balanced Libra (September 23rd–October 22nd)

The sign for Libra is a set of scales because people born under this star sign are balanced souls. Libra’s shun troublesome situations and their philosophy is very akin to Zen Buddhism, a discipline embraced by the West. Metropol’s collection of the same name,  Zen, brings comfort and wellbeing to homes, thanks to its harmonious balance.

Zen by Metropol 

Defiant Scorpio (October 23rd–November 21st)

Due to the scorpion’s somewhat controversial nature, this sign has always been enveloped in an aura of mystery. However, people born under this sign have strengths as important as a capacity for decision-making, drive and passion, shown in each stage of their lives. Something similar can also be said of the Mixit collection by Keraben, inspired by hand-engraved stone with subtle relief patterns and irregular grooves, since it infuses living spaces with this same sense of personality.  

Mixit by Keraben

Sagittarius, the adventurer (November 22nd–December 21st)

 The archer is indomitable and so anyone who tries to deprive this person of their freedom or to curb their curiosity for new horizons will scare them away. It is important to respect the nature of a wild beast, even though it might sometimes be unpredictable. A Sagittarian’s home will be filled with memories of their travelsCovent by Metropol is the perfect choice for them, since it inspires action while also bringing a natural appeal to living spaces. These tiles fit in to perfection with any of the decorative souvenirs or works of art that they might bring back home from their globe-trotting activities.

Covent by Metropol

Solid Capricorn (December 22nd-January 19th)

If a Capricorn says “it’s got to be like this”, then that is the only option. People with this sign have fixed ideas. This leads to strengths like responsibility at work and loyalty to the family, but their homes must be equally practical and disciplined. Rue de Paris by Keraben is a good collection for Capricorns since it combines all the strength of cement with metal, through oxidized steel and copper effects.

Rue de Paris by Keraben

The creative Aquarian (January 20th–February 18th)

Aquarians are cheerful, changeable, lively and unpredictable and with a strong dose of creativity throughout the whole of their lives. Their homes are likely to be in a constant state of evolution, like them. Terranova by Casainfinita is a particularly good choice for Aquarians, since surfaces with a sensory appeal can be created: surfaces that invite observers to run their fingers over them so that Aquarians never tire of them.

Terranova, by CasaInfinita

Pisces, the dreamer (February 19th–March 20th)

In numerical order, this is the last sign of the zodiac. The main characteristic associated with this sign is sensitivity. Pisceans are sweet, sometimes mystical people, whose home is their refuge. What they need is a warm comforting setting and Wood66 by Metropol is perfect at evoking these sensations.

Wood66 by Metropol

What star sign are you? Do you identify with our proposed collection?