How to save energy when lighting your house?

Lighting accounts for about one fifth of household electricity bills. As such, we should pay close attention to this when we are planning the decor of our homes, as it can cause our monthly bills to increase inconsiderably if it is not properly considered. For this reason, in this article we will give you some tips so that you can light your home the way you like while also making significant savings.

2 October 2019
¿Cómo iluminar la casa para ahorrar energía?

Tips for good lighting

Once you have selected the most appropriate tariff, which allows you to light your home for the best price, you can now make some tweaks to your home's energy consumption to boost efficient consumption and increase energy savings. And how do you do that? Here are some ideas!

1. The first step in saving on your electricity bill is to choose an electricity tariff that suits your consumption needs. One of the types of electricity contract that helps you to adapt the tariff to your needs is the smart energy tariff. There can be two or three different pricing periods, according to the type of smart energy tariff you choose. You can learn about all the different energy tariffs at the following link: Tarifas EnergĂ­a.

2. Clear coatings will help to produce more light and make spaces seem larger.

3. Take advantage of the sunlight whenever you can. Don't turn on the light if you don't need to! It is best to have windows that are as large as possible and that are placed in the best position to make the most of the sunlight.

4. Choosing low energy bulbs is essential, not only because they consume less energy but also because they last much longer than traditional bulbs.

¿Cómo iluminar la casa para ahorrar energía?

5. Remember that it is a good idea to use a white light in your kitchen and living room, the same type of light that is usually used in offices, while a warmer light is more suitable for the other rooms in the house.

6. Install light dimmers so you can adapt the power of the bulb to the lighting situation.

7. Curtains can help you to keep the house cool in summer and keep the cold out in winter, but bear in mind that they can also prevent you from taking advantage of the sunlight. It is therefore a good idea to use materials that let sunlight pass through while also protecting you from outside temperatures.

¿Cómo iluminar la casa para ahorrar energía?


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