How to make the most of ceramic coverings 

Light. Let there always be light! Brightness is the key to creating spaces that are more appealing, comfortable and homely. 

6 June 2018

A few weeks ago on the blog we gave a series of tips on how to create professional lighting effects in your home or business. We know that it is not always easy to achieve the desired lighting effects, or to make the right choice for our wall or floor coverings. Multiple factors intervene when it comes to the brightness of a house: orientation, layout, size or height can all affect the degree of brightness in our homes. 

                The colours featured in the space to be lit – in the furniture, coverings and all intervening elements – play an essential role”.  

Boreal by Keraben

Consequently, before considering the lighting, first it is essential to choose the right colours we will be lighting up. In the case of paint, making changes and modifications is simple. But when it comes to porcelain tiles, and in the case of doubt, it is best to seek the advice of a professional before work starts. It is generally advisable to opt for warm, pale tones that will make the decoration and lighting much easier later on. They are also more effective at creating a sense of harmony and continuity between spaces. 

  • Colours that make for easy lighting choices include white, grey or beige, as they boost and reflect the light.  

However, our perceptions of colour and light are also affected by surface finishes. For instance, gloss finishes multiply the lighting effects. And if we opt for relief finishes, the light will create subtle shadows that are ideal for creating multiple effects.  

But what if you prefer darker, more subdued colours? 

Mixit by Keraben

The answer is simple. We offer countless collections in these colour schemes. You’re not alone in your preferences! One way of making the most of these pieces is to combine them with lighter colours to give the room more character (furniture, textiles and pictures).   

Another trick is to combine a dark ceramic tile with a lighter one for a more decorative touch. We guarantee that this combination will instantly turn the floor or wall into a focal point of your room.  

Mistral by Keraben

What’s more, when combining lighter and darker colours on walls, you should always use the more subdued tone on the wall that features a source of natural light such as a window, as the light will be reflected on the lighter tone surfaces, therefore taking full advantage of it.