Tips for keeping the heat inside your home

Coming back home in winter and finding a nice warm temperature is many people’s dream. This will always depend on different factors, as per each individual case.

21 February 2018

There are houses that conserve the sun’s heat thanks to their orientation. Others, on the other hand, can be more problematical due to factors like very high roofs or a north facing position, but there is always a solution. We will give you three tips on how to keep your home lovely and warm so that you do not have to worry about the cold.

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Put your blanket on one side and let’s begin.

1. Make sure that you have appropriate insulation so that the heat from your heating system is not wasted.

You can insulate the edges of doors, particularly ones that lead in from the outside, with a weather strip and put a draught excluder along the bottom. 

If a draught comes through your windows when they are closed, use silicon or putty to repair them or put weather strips around the edges. Consult the energy efficiency certificates too

2. Curtains and books: Curtains made of insulating materials like hemp can also help to keep the heat in. Shelves full of books are not only educational but they also help your home to conserve the heat. Do not put furniture in front of radiators. A bed or sofa in front of a radiator will absorb all the heat.

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3. Walls and floors: Wood-effect walls and floors give homes a warm appearance. Collections like Ardennes, Wood66 or Autumn are perfect for infusing homes with a warm, cosy feel. Thanks to their technical characteristics, porcelain floor tiles can be laid on top of underfloor radiant heating: the perfect solution for places subject to low temperatures.

Inspired by Metropol
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