Who lives here? 3 Keraben Grupo projects to get you dreaming of the perfect home  

What do Majorca, Seville and Torrente have in common? The answer is that they are the setting for these three amazing homes. Three projects by Keraben Grupo guaranteed to get you dreaming of your perfect home. Read on to discover more about them.  

9 July 2018
  • Santa Apolonia: A paradise of straight lines and palm trees in the heart of Valencia.  

    In this project spaciousness is top of the list of priorities. The structure is sheer logic, with rooms that flow to create an overriding sense of harmony and balance. A delightfully coherent home. Just like the members of a family, the various rooms are all connected in a logical and natural sequence.  

    Even when we observe it from the exterior (as in the photograph above), we obtain a global vision of how the home is structured, based on delightfully straightforward modules or volumes. Specifically, the project comprises three volumes connected by courtyards that lead through the home creating a series of rooms. The façade of this home combines the  Zebra and Evolution collections both from the Keraben brand.

    The collections form an eye-catching contrast, bringing out the clever play on volumes featured in this project. A home that is nothing short of perfection, ideal for enjoying the summer of a lifetime.  

Santa Apolonia - Keraben
Santa Apolonia - Keraben
  • Santa Cruz, Seville: Irrational narrow streets and the chance to admire this streamlined family home.   

    This home is based on the concepts of rationalist architecture, characterised by straightforward volumes, façades with no-fuss windows free from decoration and a brilliant white finish. It forms a striking contrast with the city’s traditional architecture, in line with contemporary building trends.  

    As for the porcelain tiles, the entire project pays tribute to Keraben Grupo collections:  

    The façade features 100 x 50 Zebra blanco models and the Keraben brand’s Evolution in negro in a 35 x 75 format.

    Outside we can see 60 x 60 format  Priorat blanco 30 x 60   Urban gris and grafito as well as 30 x 60 anti-slip  Urban grafito. And last but not least, 30 x 60 format tiles from the Kursal blanco collection. All by the Keraben brand.  A perfect example of how tradition and the avant-garde do go together.  

Santa Cruz, Seville.
Santa Cruz, Seville.

Majorca: Everything is better by the sea.

This magnificent home (a project by Viraje Arquitectos) – is made up of three, perfectly defined volumes, joined together at the centre by a connecting space that lends a sense of verticality to the whole. Let’s take a look at the porcelain tile collections selected for this project:  

Evolution Taupé by Keraben was the collection selected for the flooring throughout the interior of this home, providing a texture and finish that makes for a perfectly smooth, continuous and uniform surface.  

The patios are filled with lush vegetation, creating a direct connection between the daytime area and the swimming pool. The Terranova collection by Casainfinita was chosen for both the terrace flooring and the actual pool structure, due to its Anti-slip Shoeless system that will prevent slipping on wet surfaces. So, kick off your shoes, and let’s enjoy this gorgeous home! Happy summer!

Majoca by Viraje.
Majoca by Viraje.