4 trends worth keeping an eye on

The experts at the Trends Observatory have deliveredtheir verdict in a Yearbook that defines four styles set to feature strongly in our homes

6 March 2019

In all areas of design, from fashions to interiors, trends come and go each season.  This is precisely the raison of the Habitat Trends Observatory, made up of  a multi-disciplinary team that gathers essential information and passes it on to the rest of the world.  

An army of coolhunters that has now delivered its verdict, summed up in four key trends for the season:  Dramatic Interior, Soft Heritage, Savage Soul and Plug&Play.

So let’s take a closer look.


A trend that redefines the meaning of luxury. Adding a pop of drama, this style is all about intense, even theatrical settings that contrast sharply with recent minimalist trends. Colours are centred on subtle shades and dark tones, whilst the materials reflect a preference for the geological, such as marble, metal and stone in sophisticated shapes.


We may be seeing a return to classic style, but there’s no need to abandon our sense of delicate care and attention. Indeed, these are the defining features of Soft Heritage, a throwback to artisanship and country airs characterised by sharper patterns in light warm tones on small format ceramic tiles. Classic design icons updated through the use of colour and décors to recreate warm relaxing settings that provide a haven of tranquillity


Savage Soul is a trend that seeks to redress the loss of contact withour natural environment, with styles inspired by nature that are reminiscent ofthe savage jungle yet shun allnotions of stridency. Although you won’t find any plant or flower patterns,this trend evokes tropical and marine settings, with subtle references toexotic materials such as Brazilian rosewood or blue marble.      


Plug & Play connects with a spontaneously cheerful vision filledwith bright colours and dynamic patterns. A trend that features strongly in thenew work and lifestyle models. Design ideas created especially with flexiblespaces in mind. The result is quirky interiors that make an exciting andrefreshing change.