3 different ways of dressing up the home for Christmas  

Aswith any other time of year, Christmas is also influenced by fashions andtrends.  How we dress and decorate thehome reflect those fashions.

20 December 2017


So is it possible to be original? Of course it is! The important thing is to find your own personal style and to feel comfortable with what you wear or what you use to dress up your favourite corner of the living room. We will give a few ideas on how to decorate your home in style ready for the mince pies and Christmas carols.

We present three main decorative styles, although there is a lot of leeway for variation and for your own ideas within each one.

1. Magical chaos.

Tinsel, twinkling lights or balloons: with this style and its characteristic hint of retro-kitch, anything goes. For certain settings, the outcome can be simply amazing. Forget the subtleties with this look. The link between the different decorations can be direct, random or non-existent. If you prefer not to be too over-the-top, you can use a colour to unify it all (not everything has to be red or green though) and help keep that “chaos” under control. This is a fun style and the perfect choice when the kids join in with the decorating. Why not combine grandma’s favourite decorations with their favourite toys?


2. Nordic minimalism.

For Nordic-style minimalist Christmas decorations, white or neutral colours play an important role. It is also essential to have good natural light. If you have a “white” or neutral background, it is very easy for your Christmas decorations to stand out. You can also play around with geometrical shapes, making them stand out so that they add a chic touch. With this type of décor, live plants and wood are both a must: we recommend candles, branches and dry leaves. With Nordic minimalism, “less is more”.

3. Classical

The designer Bill Blass once said: “When in doubt, wear red”.

This is what you must do if you choose a more classical look for your living room. Back to basics is always the key to success. What is more, this kind of style always lends rooms a comfortable feel, simply because they look so familiar. It is very easy to dress up the home in classical style. You can find this kind of look in any family photo album or film from your youth. These decorations have  barely changed over the years.

You should include the following in your living room: exquisitely decorated Christmas trees and tables covered in candles, wine glasses, runners, and floral centrepieces.  Your decorations should also include beautifully wrapped presents, stockings, candy sticks, decorative balls, mistletoe and, needless to say, the classic Spanish nativity crib.

The only thing that remains is to wish everyone a very merry Christmas!!!!


images by http://www.startlr.com, MyLeitMotiv & Pinterest