Keraben Grupo, A Reflection of You

We create emotions.

We create prestige. The impact and feeling of fascination that are aroused when you see something you’ve never seen before. The expression and reflection of your own self.

We are creators.

Of spaces, pieces and sensations in which you can find yourself. Throughus, we want you to feel the fascination of seeing yourself reflected in a space. To discover yourself through pieces that reveal your personality.

If you like to set the trends. If you want to raise the style barhigher. If you are someone who delves deeply into their own creativity and enlarges it. In us, you will always find a part of you. So that you can create the spaces that embody your true essence. 

Spaces that reflect you.

Guaranteed quality

Keraben, Ibero and Metropol : three brand names, each with a distinctive style but all sharing one common denominator: the essence of Keraben Grupo.

Keraben, A Reflection of your Elegance

We are the muse that inspires designers, architects, interior decorators, artists and people like you to create unique spaces in which to express your feelings and emotions.

We are a prestigious company with more than 40 years of experience; a company that offers inspiration, serenity, and elegant, distinctive porcelain products of the very highest quality.

We are all about beauty, sophistication and desire, and the inspiration behind every individual to create something pure and beautiful. 

We are a reflection of you.

We are a reflection of your elegance.


Metropol, A Reflection of your Style

We are the creators of a unique, timeless and enduring style. Your style.

We represent all those magnetic, creative people with a disruptive attitude that gives them the ability to create unique, avant-garde pieces with our raw materials and collections. We reflect those charismatic individuals who are born leaders, able to leave behind the mundane and quotidian and inspire the world with their vision.

We set the trends and inspire the world to embrace new ideas and challenges.

We are a strong, committed company.

We break the rules and put our faith in people who seek to express themselves; people at the cutting edge who inspire unique styles.

We are dynamic and iconoclastic.

We are a reflection of your style.


Ibero, A Reflection of your Creativity

We are sensitivity, authenticity and creativity.

We represent all those intrepid people who are looking for new directions.

We unleash the creativity of those who surround us, those who take pleasure from nature and life itself.

We create surfaces and pieces that stimulate the five senses and enhance the sensorial nature of the spaces they dress in every home.

We are there for all the enthusiasts who do not place limits on themselves or anyone else. We are there for you. A reflection of your personality, your audacity, your creativity, your desire to go one step further.

We are a reflection of your creativity.