Poème is the purest expression of elegance and refinement. A sublime proposition, comparable to the delicacy of the stanzas and rhymes of the most beautiful poetry. Inspired by the natural look and texture of wood, Poème offers the beauty and warmth of this original material with the advantages of porcelain, making it adaptable to all types of environments and styles. 

The charm of the handmade craft is the inspiration behind Terracota, Keraben's new collection that recreates the artisanal look of hand-moulded clay through its graphic proposal. With all the essence of tradition and warmth, Terracota is an ode to the former attention to detail and handmade materials to be blended into all kinds of projects and spaces.

Keraben’s Bleuemix collection reproduces Belgian blue stone, a type of limestone characterized by the presence of numerous marine fossils that stand out against a dark background which varies from light grey to black through a range of bluish tones. This solution adapts perfectly to any decorative style.

A sensory tribute. Marble is synonymous with elegance and exclusively. Past and present merge together in a melting pot of colours, finishes and textures, inimitable in the world of architecture and decoration. The Idyllic marble collection revisits the essence of this noble material with
six different options that offer the ideal aesthetic solution for interior design projects of meticulous style and allencompassing design.
Their evocative veining adds beauty and character to rooms; gentler graphics bring
subtlety and elegance.

The elegance of metal. The Universe collection by Keraben elevates
the notion of metal as a stylish option thanks
to its aged tones.

The poetry of stone. Keraben’s Verse collection is the purest
expression of softness and harmony. This glorious option is comparable to the most
beautifully crafted verses of a poem. A refined yet contemporary stone that imbues its surfaces with the serenity necessary to switch off from the outside world.

Mixit, Keraben's new ceramic collection, is born from the fusion of three types of stone, presenting a design inspired by stone engravings worked in a natural way with light reliefs that present irregular indentations. With its pieces, it offers a versatility that has never been seen before, allowing it to provide naturalness and create unique and singular environments suitable for all types of spaces.


Isola, the new series by Metropol, takes us on an imaginary journey to the shores of the Mediterranen, thanks to the ochres and oranges that evoke a sunset. This sandstone is inspired by the beauty of the Balearic Islands and their emblematic buildings, such as the cathedral, to give spaces a distinctive character and personality. 

The Charisma collection by Metropol is synonymous with style and sophistication. A reinterpretation of marble that recreates the magnificence of Imperial Rome or the elegance of the Renaissance in any space, whilst offering all the advantages of porcelain tiles. The various colours and textures featured in the Charisma collection’s marble effects lend an air of distinction that will suit all spaces and decorative styles.

Inspired by the famous New York neighbourhood, Metropol's new Harlem collection has been created to reclaim the urban environment thanks to its neutral look full of contemporany nuances. Its sober look is designed for those who love the metropolitan style and want to give their spaces a timeless and functional character. 


Creativity and avant-garde merge in a melting pot to give rise to an explosion of colour and textures thanks to Botanical, Ibero's new collection. Its delicate layers of colour and texture come to life and evoke nature, turning the walls into an artistic mural. Botanical fascinates by its visual richness without stridency, which transports us to the origins of ceramic products, thus integrating into any space. 

The power of nature is the inspiration for Lune, Ibero's new series that combines the timeless aesthetics of slate with the unique character of moonstone. Perhaps it is the volcanic ash of its composition, its internal structure or the subtle nuances of its finishes. The fact is that Lune exerts a magnetic force that is perfect for adapting to all types of spaces. 

Nuances are the small details that make the differences between similar things. In art, nuances can have a big impact on how a work is perceived. Ibero's Shade collection invites us to change the way we know the world to start appreciating everything that is hidden in what surrounds us. In addition, its graphic proposal reveals the essence of natural cement with the imperfections of manual work.