Marble is synonymous with elegance and exclusively. Past and present merge together in a melting pot of colours, finishes and textures, inimitable in the world of architecture and decoration.
The Idyllic marble collection revisits the essence of this noble material with six different options that offer the ideal aesthetic solution for interior design projects of meticulous style and all-encompassing design. 

The Universe collection by Keraben elevates the notion of metal as a stylish option thanks to its aged tones. The rust-effect texture and finish mirror the inexorable march of time, whilst its various colour options make it the perfect choice for any type of space and style.

Keraben’s Bleuemix collection reproduces Belgian blue stone, a type of limestone characterized by the presence of numerous marine fossils that stand out against a dark background which varies from light grey to black through a range of bluish tones. This solution adapts perfectly to any decorative style.


Belgian Blue Stone is the inspiration for the Arduin collection by Metropol.  This limestone is noted for its wealth of fossilised remains, making it even more special. A timeless proposal that brings out all the beauty of its unique style in any space.

The Charisma collection by Metropol is synonymous with style and sophistication. A reinterpretation of marble that recreates the magnificence of Imperial Rome or the elegance of the Renaissance in any space, whilst offering all the advantages of porcelain tiles. The various colours and textures featured in the Charisma collection’s marble effects lend an air of distinction that will suit all spaces and decorative styles.

The Chrome collection from Metropol, inspired by the fusion of metals, is an innovative reproduction of sheet metal that evokes the world of industrial-style interior design. Each piece, with its marked nuanced shading, embellishes floors and walls with subtle metallic reflections that imbue every room with character.

The formality and versatility offered by slate are expressed in Leira, the new collection from Metropol, whose name is inspired by a river that flows harmoniously through a natural setting that is rich in this type of stone. Leira is synonymous with effortless style, the innate elegance that comes from nature and that masterfully adapts to contemporary spaces as well as and rustic-style settin.

Woodfeel by Metropol unites all the charm and natural beauty of wood. Its exquisite wood patterns and textures arouse the same unique sense of affinity as its natural counterpart.


Marble is one of the most beautiful and noble stones used in architecture, giving every setting an aura of distinction and majesty.

The Mystic marble collection is inspired by the stone from the finest quarries on
the planet, replicating all the beauty and tonality of the natural stone with the technical
advantages of porcelain.

The Mystic series presents its new fashionable 7.5x30 decorative format.

These coordinating tiles can be installed in various placement patterns for a unique and

creative look while helping to further define the space.

Cement is the essence of the most cosmopolitan of settings, and Boulevard’s worn look reflects all the character of industrial style. Industrially inspired, timeless concrete that endows the spaces with neutrality and aesthetic simplicity, featuring a range of colours capable of creating austere and neutral settings.

An urban proposal of remarkable personality, whose effect of continuity makes it ideal for metropolitan and industrial environments.