Project Libera, 1 m2 against littering

3 July 2023

On Saturday 3rd June, the collection of litter on the beach of Nules was carried out by Victoria Ceramics Spain colleagues who volunteered for this initiative of the ESG Committee, as part of the Libera Project.

The day began at El Estany de Nules, where we received a very interesting talk about the species that inhabit this natural area, and then proceeded to clean the beach.

Thanks to the help of our companions, we collected a total of 12 kg of waste, including plastic, cigarette butts, cans and other debris, which we dumped and classified and then weighed and deposited them in their corresponding containers.

The day ended with a picnic at El Estany de Nules.

Thank you very much to everyone for this gesture towards the health of our beaches and seas.